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Social Fundraising Calculator

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Peer to Peer Fundraising Calculator

This Social Fundraising Calculator is meant to help nonprofits research peer to peer fundraising software providers and options.

It takes into account a number of factors including:
  • setup cost,
  • transaction fees,
  • software customization,
  • event management functionality,
  • feature flexibility
  • and a slew of other options.
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These calculations are estimates based on publicly available information.

What is Peer to Peer Fundraising?

Peer to peer fundraising software empowers your supporters to raise money (from their peers) on your organization’s behalf. Individuals that want to fundraise for you create personal fundraising pages that are sent to friends, family and colleagues with a donation request. This involves lots of email and social media tools to help individuals push traffic to personal fundraising pages to drive more donations.

We compare cost, features and customization of Blackbaud, Kintera, Convio, Fundly,, StayClassy and many others. To see a full list click here.

Why use peer to peer fundraising?

Nonprofits use peer to peer fundraising to raise more money online and through social media. The software is typically used in event fundraising for runs, walks and rides. In marathons, walkathons and endurance bike rides supporters of nonprofits can raise money for important cause while participating in these amazing events. Peer to peer fundraising can be used for personal fundraising campaigns as well. Individuals who would like to raise money for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or in honor of a loved one can use peer to peer fundraising. Nonprofits who use peer to peer fundraising software enable their supporters to raise money for these events, causes and campaigns.

Why we created this calculator?

The Peer to Peer Fundraising Calculator was created to help nonprofits understand the features, benefits and costs associated with peer to peer fundraising software. Social fundraising, event fundraising, personal fundraising and crowdfunding are all terms generally associated with this software. There are a number of vendors that offer a wide range of similar peer to peer fundraising services at varying costs and values. Each solution could offer valuable benefits for a specific case, but what has been lacking is a central portal to compare the various service providers and respective offerings. The Peer to Peer Fundraising Calculator attempts to provide transparency in this marketplace by summarizing this information.

The calculator is free to use and was created in partnership with Return on Mission and RallyBound. All the information on which the calculator was built is publicly available on each vendor's website or marketing collateral. Based on criteria input by visitors, the calculator ranks around 30 offerings by setup cost, transaction fees, software customization, event management capabilities and a number of other features. Over 20 different data points are considered in the ultimate ranking for each offering. We believe this is a critical tool for nonprofits, and we intend to continue investing in the calculator so that it can provide nonprofits the most accurate information possible.

Many nonprofits are looking for alternative peer to peer fundraising software providers because they are frustrated with current providers. However, when nonprofits look for new solutions, for example searching for Blackbaud or Kintera alternatives, it is very difficult to compare peer to peer fundraising software providers. Common terms or buzzwords like crowdfunding, social fundraising or person fundraising also confuse those in search of new solutions. This is why we have created the peer to peer fundraising calculator. Please provide any feedback to